We believe in replenishing the environment and supporting organizations that help the world forward for all. 
Creating a
sustainable and 
renewable future.
We're dedicated to environmental and social advancement. And to help achieve it we commit a portion of our revenues. To charities and groups that believe in a sustainable and renewable future.
EcoPlus Power goes above and beyond to provide customers renewable energy plans and offsetting the emissions we are responsible for. Sustainability is a core value of EcoPlus Power.

We also fund projects like planting trees on behalf of our customers that make communities nationwide healthier and happier.

We believe renewable energy and planting trees is a vital part of building a sustainable future, improving our nation’s air quality, and helping tackle climate change.
Renewing the environment. One tree at a time. 
EcoPlus Power goal is to create a positive influence in the world one home at a time. We believe in empowering customers with more renewable energy options.

EcoPlus Power will make a donation to plant a tree in a nation’s forest on behalf of each customer who enrolls in the EcoPlus Climate Care plan.
To further create sustainability, EcoPlus Power offers a variety of products which offers planting trees on behalf of their customer over the term of that product.

The Climate Care plan is a 100% renewable product, which provides a clean alternative to fossil fuels.
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EcoPlus Power is a licensed independent seller of electricity in the states of Ohio (electric license number: 21-059896E)

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