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Index Rate Plans


A wholesale index-based electricity plan connects you to lower market prices, potentially reducing your electricity costs. While prices may go up during high demand, being mindful of your energy use can help you manage your expenses effectively. It's like having a smart strategy to make the most of your electricity!

How it works…

An index-based electricity product works like this: The cost of power is tied to how much it costs in the electricity market at any given time. When demand is low, prices are lower, and that's good news for you. The customer gets the benefit of these lower prices directly, which means potential savings on their electricity bill. One part of the cost is called the "locational marginal price”, which is based on how much power is needed in a specific area. This component can change based on demand. Then there are other separate costs on the bill, like extra services that ensure reliable and smooth electricity delivery, which are called ancillary costs. The advantages of an index product are that you can take advantage of low prices, potentially saving you money, and it encourages you to be mindful of when you use electricity to maximize your savings. It's like being a smart shopper, always looking for the best deals!

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Fixed Rate Plans

Electricity Protect 

EcoPlus Power provides fixed rate plans with varying term lengths depending on your service area.

What is a Fixed Rate? The price you pay per kilowatt-hour (kWh) remains the same throughout the term of your contract. So even if the price of electricity on the market fluctuates up or down, your price per kilo-watt hour or “electricity rate” won’t be affected.

 If you enjoy the ability to budget your costs, then a fixed plan may be right for you. When you choose a Fixed Rate energy plan you may not take advantage if the price of electricity were to decrease. But, if prices of electricity were to increase you will have the peace of mind knowing that you have locked into a rate for a specific period of time protecting you from such an increase. 

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Variable Rate Plans

Electricity Advantage

EcoPlus Power provides flexible rate plans that allows the consumer to always have the power to choose and take Advantage of favorable market conditions when electricity prices go down. 

How it works…

A Variable rate plan means that the price per kilo-watt hour (kWh) may go up or down based on the current market conditions. Variable rate plans are flexible because you are not locked into a contract unlike fixed rate plans, so if you find a better deal and want to switch plans or energy suppliers you can easily. A Electricity Advantage plan may be perfect for you if you like to shop around and keep an eye on electricity prices without a contract keeping you locked in place. You may benefit from increased savings when the market prices are low. Let’s say you see a Electricity Protect Fixed Rate plan that has a price per kilo-watt hour you are comfortable paying for the duration of the contract, then you can easily jump into that plan from your “Electricity Advantage” Plan. 

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Simply a Better Choice

EcoPlus Power 


FREE ID Theft Protection

Includes Million Dollar Protection Package from Norton LifeLock.

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Flexible Electricity Plans, No Cancellation Fees 

Offer customized solutions for Fixed Rate, Variable Rates, and Index-Based products. Cancel anytime without fees. 

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Solar and Battery Storage 

Solar and Battery Storage 

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US-based Live Agents

Experienced customer service staff responds within 1 business day. 

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Electricity Plan Included Benefits

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100% Renewable
“Green” Energy

Choosing 100% renewable energy reduces environmental impact, as it generates power without emitting greenhouse gases or pollutants. It also offers stable costs, supports job creation, improves public health, and aligns with global climate goals, making it a sustainable and forward-thinking choice for homeowners.

Free Norton Lifelock

Norton LifeLock is included for FREE with any active Electricity Plan. LifeLock helps safeguard your identity & provides a Million Dollar Protection Package. 


Amazon Gift Card Loyalty Program

When you choose an electricity plan for your home, you are rewarded every 6 months with an electronic Amazon Gift Card. Your service must be uninterrupted for 6 months and this reward continues every 6 months.

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